My name is Quentin Décaillet and I am a photographer and retoucher based in the heart of Europe – Switzerland. I specialize in beauty and portrait with a particular love for anything that's creative, or what people like to commonly name "Fine Art".

Photography and retouching have become my primary form of art to express my ideas and feelings because I've always found interesting having to join the technical aspect of physics and light with the artistic side of things. I'm able to tell stories, play with colors, draw a scene, and share emotions through just one picture… something I couldn't do with my writing or drawing alone.


Because both photography and retouching are passions before being my full-time job, sharing my knowledge is very important to me. Being self-taught, I had the chance to learn from people willing to share. Doing the same only seemed logical right from the start. Through Fstoppers.com (English), Youtube videos, or workshops, I try to give back as much as possible.