I currently offer the following courses:

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Private Retouching Course & Coaching

A one-on-one coaching session is a fantastic way to learn at your pace and improve on the things that are specific to your work. The session lasts up to 3 hours during which I’ll take you through my current retouching workflow and show you how you can tweak it to match your specific needs (beauty, portrait, lingerie, etc.). The lesson includes:

  • Raw processing (shown in Capture One)
  • Skin Retouching (frequency separation, healing brush, blending modes, etc.)
  • Luminosity and micro-contrast correction (dodge & burn)
  • Color correction and toning, including black and white if desired

Depending on your level and speed, the content can be altered with more or fewer elements. If you wish, a five image critique can be included as well to help you improve your capture process and lighting so that you get the best files possible before retouching.
Where you live doesn’t matter, we can organize a Skype or Google Hangout session if an in-person training isn’t doable. As I speak both English and French, the lesson can be in the language of your choice.
After the 3-hour training, you’ll receive a recording of the lesson and we’ll set up another 30-minute Q&A session via Skype or Google Hangout to answer any question or doubt you may have regarding the techniques discussed.

  • When: Any time
  • Where: Worldwide (online)
  • Duration: Up to 3 hours + 30min Q&A
  • Participants: 1 person
  • Price: €295

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Studio Portrait Photography Coaching

Learn all about my lighting techniques in studio, how I shoot to maximize the detail I can get out of my raw files when retouching, and also how I interact with my model to make the shooting fun but as productive as possible.
The lesson includes:

  • Multiple one light setup
  • A logical process to add multiple lights to any set
  • Understanding the quality and direction of light
  • Getting the best exposure for your camera and style of work
  • Posing the model
  • Setting up your lighting to compliment your model features

The studio portrait photography coaching is perfect for people who attend the retouching class as well. This way, you'll know how to maximize your files for post-production and save time when working in front of your computer.

  • When: Any day
  • Where: Worldwide (travel and/or accommodation fees may add to the total)
  • Time: Up to 8 hours
  • Participants: Up to 6
  • Price: €395 per person (if less than four participants, price may change to cover model and makeup artist fees)

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Assisting to a Shoot

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You asked it, here it is! Some of you may learn better by watching rather than practicing – I know, I’m one of them! Unfortunately, I cannot bring an assistant to all of my photo shoots and for many I actually don’t need one. But as many seem to assist to photo shoots, I thought I’d offer the opportunity to assist as a view – not an active assistant – with an added Q&A or critique session after the photo shoot.
The lesson includes:

  • Assisting one of my photo shoot (beauty, portrait, lingerie or combination of multiple, depending on what I have planned) lasting about 2-4 hours
  • 30-45 minutes of Q&A and/or critique of your portfolio after the photo shoot

Assisting is the best way to see how another photographer works on the field. Whether you are in doubt with the way you work and need to be reinsured or you are starting out and want to see how someone manages a shoot, it's your chance to pick my brain and learn on the field.

  • When: Any day, as long as I have a personal shoot planned
  • Where: Worldwide (travel and/or accomodation fees may add to the total)
  • Time: Up to 4 hours
  • Participants: 1
  • Price: €295

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