MAC Cosmetics Bubble Liner trend

16 July 2022

Creating amazing photos with a talented makeup artist is something I absolutely love! Early 2022, MAC Cosmetics Switzerland reached out to me to create a series of imagesfor their monthly trends. The lead makeup artist for all the looks was Claudia Jacob, Swiss national makeup artist for the brand.

It was a fantastic opportunity and project, especially as in addition to the still images, the team at MAC Cosmetics asked me for videos of each photographed look.

Here’s one of the short clips created that was then used:

We all know, video is all the rage at the moment. TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, even the billboard in the streets are now developed to put motion at the forefront. However, photos still have a place. Details are more visible, it allows people to take the time and slow down. For prints and certain digital support, they are still king. So to complement each trend video, we created a series of 2-4 images.

You can find more beauty work in my portfolio.

Photography: Quentin Décaillet
Claudia Jacob @ MAC Cosmetics Switzerland
Muriel D.