Perfume photography: Mizensir Fresh Notes Collection

25 October 2021

Though I don’t work in IT anymore, my geek inner side is still very much part of me in that I love learning about new things, new people, and new companies. When we first exchanged with Mizensir, I was very humbled and impressed to learn about its creator and all the perfumes he had created. Alberto Morillas is a well-renowned “nose” who has more than likely designed the scent of a perfume you’ve worn, enjoyed, or desired. Amongst many, he’s created Acqua di Gio, CK One, Kenzo’s Flower, Bvlgari Goldea The Roman Night Absolute, … and the list goes on!

I was quite inspired both by Morillas history and Mizensir products to create a two-part shoot for the brand. The first part that you’ll discover right below was inspired by Morillas origins: Andalusia. I wanted to create a set that would be minimalist, but still, depict the summer and Spanish feel. I came up with the idea of using autoclaved aerated concrete blocks to recreate in a certain way the architecture found in the south of Europe, including in Andalusia. The use of hard and specular light helped bring the whole concept together, giving a summer vibe to the final images while giving a great shine to the metallic parts of the bottles.