Tech Product Photography for Logitech

5 April 2021

As our work as photographers is evolving with social media taking such an important place, we need to adapt and take on new opportunities. I recently had the chance to work with Logitech for social media content promotion on my channels, and as a photographer, I took on this perfect occasion to come up with a creative concept.

I knew Logitech, like many brands, would want some more lifestyle content, which is why the first batch of images and videos was more on the simple side. This is something I appreciate doing, and that tends to work quite well on social media. Very minimalistic work, showing behind the scenes. The first piece of content was an unboxing video, using trendy fast-paced cuts.

And a few images went along with it to complete the experience and show my current setup. This allowed me to illustrate my work as a photographer but also the products for Logitech.

Then for the last post, I took the creative road and shot an image that truly represents my style of imagery. The final result is a combination of photography (the mouse on a black paper sheet) and digital art (the different layers were created using Photoshop). Digital techniques have evolved so much that we can create amazing things that mix extremely well with photography, leading to unique results that are either impossible to create in real life or require such tremendous efforts that it may be nearly impossible in terms of budget, timing, or simply skills. In this case, cutting different paper sheets and spacing them the way I wanted them to be for the final image to look great, but not “CGI perfect” would have been near impossible in real life. But using Photoshop, the possibilities were endless, and it was much easier to create a base and then modify it to my liking.