Beauty photography course in French

16 November 2022

Last year I had the chance to teach a still life course for the french online learning platform Empara. The experience was indeed one of a kind, and the Empara team was terrific to work with. In early 2022, we discussed the possibility of joining forces again for a new class. Many photographers have known me for years for my beauty work more than for my still life imagery. So it was only logical to make it the topic of this new course.

Sharing the experience I’ve gathered over almost ten years of working as a professional photographer has taught me a lot. It is a fantastic exercise to analyze everything I do, how I do it, and what makes my work what it is, to then translate everything into something less experienced photographers can understand. It’s arguably one of the best ways to consolidate one’s knowledge.

Both courses are now available directly on the Empara website.