Bold Still Life Photography of Exotic Plants

11 September 2021

Earlier this summer, I showed you a couple of still life photographs I had shot of my plant collections pieces on the blog. I photographed the plant in a high-key fashion for the first round, with pure white background and light wrapping around the leaves. This time around, I decided to go for a bolder and stronger look using a red backdrop and gels to shoot the plants.

My inspiration came from high-end beauty images I had seen around from other photographers. I wanted to try and apply similar lighting but in still life photography, to plants. Given that the leaves are mostly flat compared to a human face, it was quite challenging to get the result I had in mind, but with a few tweaks and adjustments, I finally came to a result I was pleased with. Like the previous shoot, I photographed three plants, and I will certainly create another series of three different plants in the upcoming months. So be sure to stay tuned 😉