Cosmetic photography for Switzerland based brand Forêt Bleue

22 March 2021

Forêt Bleue is a swiss cosmetic brand that creates natural, healthy, and effective products. I discovered the company by accident while looking for a new shampoo and other skincare products. I immediately fell in love with its offering. Its cosmetics are amazingly effective, wallet-friendly, and I absolutely adore the minimalistic style of the packaging.

When Forêt Bleue agreed to collaborate with me when recording the Empara still life photography course – more on that later –, I was over the moon. I wanted to include a part about cosmetic photography and I couldn’t have dreamt of a better brand to work with for this project. Especially being patriotic, the cherry on the cake was that I could showcase a Switzerland-based brand on an international e-learning platform!

I based the concept of the shoot around my experience with the brand as a customer but also around the already existing visual content Forêt Bleue was using. When working on a product or cosmetic photography project, I like to focus on keywords that have to be represented in the final images. In this instance, my keywords were: freshness, softness, modern, and minimalistic. The water droplets and splashes embody the freshness of the products; the softness is represented by the pastel color palette used, the modern side by the angle of view and light. Finally, the minimalistic aspect is probably self-explanatory, I kept the set design to a bare minimum: a fake printed sunset, some water, and the product. That’s it!

Just between us, you should try the serum and the cream. They are amazing! And, bonus, the serum smells crazy good.

If you are interested in learning more about my product and cosmetic photography process, be sure to watch my Empara course – it’ll be broadcasted live from the 18th through 20th May.