Hair photography in Lyon with Ilona Gachet

26 April 2021

Right before COVID hit last year, I had the chance to travel to Lyon for a few days and shoot a few projects at Women Lyon. I’ll share some of the projects over the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to showcase one today. This hair photography project is very special to me as I had this concept in mind for quite some time.

I love when we can make annoying things an art form through photography. Let’s be honest, between you and me, and everyone hates having wet hair sticking to their faces. When you go to the pool, the first thing you do is remove your hair from your face when getting out of the pool. The most annoying thing when going to the hairstylist is when you get your wet hair put down on your face: ugh. Well… that’s exactly the concept of the shoot, tiny wet hairs creating lines and shapes on the model’s face.

Hair photography is such an amazing subject to photograph, especially when you get the chance to work with amazingly talented and skilled people. The crew for this image included:

Hair: Les Loges d’Eugénie
Makeup: Mélanie JNG
Model: Ilona Gachet
Styling: Marion Lavallez