Motion Product Photography

16 June 2021

Motion is the buzzword in the industry at the moment. Every client is asking for motion, and every photographer is (should be) getting into motion. And the reason behind it is quite simple, the media on which we look at images are evolving, and the global pandemic only accelerated this process.

motion photography in switzerland

A still image compared to a video can usually be more refined and typically cost less to produce. However, motion photography is the perfect middle ground. It can be done with any current photography equipment out there, and in terms of post-production doesn’t have to require a lot more than usual. It allows the photographer to offer the quality of its photographic work while offering something more eye-catching and entertaining for the client to use when advertising.

This is not to minimize what can be done in motion, as the concept can be pushed quite far and become a thing on its own. Look at what’s being done in CGI, and you’ll get the idea. But we’ll talk about this later on in the year when I’ll show you my first CGI projects 😉

In the meantime here is a recent motion test project I created to showcase what can be done and what I can offer my client for them differentiate themselves from their competition.