On-Location Creative Portrait Photography

20 July 2021

Last year, right after the first lockdown, I had a client requesting a series of portraits and a short video to promote a new service it was developing. However, due to COVID issues, the project was later on canceled and was never brought to the public. However, I had already created the pictures and absolutely loved them.

The concept of the shoot I came up with, was to document the discovery of our earth by someone who just landed here and had never seen anything like it. I wanted the pictures to have a futuristic side, mostly through the outfit, but I wanted to keep it very natural and raw while having something a bit cinematic. The decor made it quite easy to keep things natural and raw I must say. It was a goal of mine for a long time to include more of the nature surrounding me in my images, and this series is a good start I feel.

And here’s a short behind the scenes/teaser of the shoot: