Spa treatment photography for LeCrans Hôtel & Spa in Crans-Montana (Switzerland)

10 March 2021

Spas are still open? That’s what everyone told me when I explained I was about to create images for the LeCrans Spa in early February 2021. With COVID around, most fun and enjoyable activities have been shut down, and everyone is looking for things to do in their free time – or while remote working. But yes, spas have stayed open in hotels in Switzerland!

In today’s situation, communication is of the utmost importance to ensure everyone knows of what services you provide and are still available despite the ever-changing regulations. With this in mind and Valentine’s day right around the corner, LeCrans reached out to me to create a variety of images to communicate about the spa experience and services they offer. They wanted bright, clean, and relaxing photographs so people could see that it’s still possible to find a haven of peace and enjoy days off.

LeCrans Hôlel & Spa also has a great fitness area in its spa. One of the models for the shoot, Davide (Square Agency), being a personal trainer, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to create a couple of images showcasing clients’ possibilities! Especially as fitness centers have been shut down for a while now…

With such an amazing outdoor pool, we couldn’t imagine this shoot taking place without creating images in it. We ended the day with a set shot in the warm outdoor pool. Trust me, the models were more than happy to swim for a bit, and everyone around was envious!

As any shoot is the result of team work, a huge thank you to Sinclair, Leyla, Laurane, Charlotte, Davide, Anna-Maria, and Square Agency.