Still Life Photography: 4 Seasons Garden Project, Fall

19 April 2021

One of my hobbies aside from photography is nature, and more specifically, gardening and taking care of my plant collection. During the fall of 2020, I decided to start taking pictures of my plants and garden to document their evolution. I’ve been debating whether to share it anywhere or keep it to myself, but I eventually decided to showcase it here as it’s a huge part of my inspiration and who I am today. To be honest, if you don’t find me behind my camera shooting or my computer retouching, you’ll find me in my garden or repotting my plants.

These images are the start of my 4 seasons garden series. This series is meant to grow and evolve throughout the seasons and years, just as my garden is. I want to create beautiful lay flat images of what you can find in it at certain moments. It’s quite interesting to use still life photography skills to photograph non-advertising work, and I’d almost say refreshing. It forces me to think of my subject differently, and it’s very refreshing. I’m sure in the long run; it’ll help my photography grow and evolve.