Still life photography course in French

2 June 2021

The past month was a bit calm on my social medias and on my blog as I was working on a still life photography online course. The class was created for the french online learning platform Empara. We tried to include as much content as possible for beginner and intermediate photographers to learn from. My goal was truly to help other professional create more high end content, structure their business as best as possible, and come up with amazingly creative content representing their style.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a small task and we ended up with about +35 hours of content. Part of the videos were pre-recorded to keep the course entertaining, and the remaining was streamed live. The full class will be available on Empara later in June (hopefully on the 21st) in VOD for anyone who missed the course.

Although it ate a lot of my time and energy, it was an amazing experience. Furthermore, teaching is the best way to learn, improve, and push one’s knowledge even further. Proof of it, after the 4 days of live streaming, as soon as I got back home, I started shooting new projects for my portfolio as my mind was going crazy with new idea after new idea.