Still Life Photography of Iced Flowers

14 September 2021

If you’ve come to this blog already, I think you can guess one of my inspiration sources for still life photography is the nature around us: flowers, plants, beautiful locations, etc. Well, this shoot is only confirming this. While I was stuck in quarantine a few weeks ago, I decided to take the time to create new work with what I had around me: water and flowers.

I had already created quite a few personal projects with water but never with ice. Though ice had been on my ideas list for quite a while, I couldn’t find a way to integrate it into my projects. This time around, I went into my childhood memories to find the ice cream concept. While looking at the flowers in my garden, all the memories of the time spent with my mom and grandmother in the garden came back. Every summer, we would spend a lot of time in the garden with my sister, and while the family was working, we were eating water ice cream we made with plastic molds. So why not create pictures that would represent those memories, but in an elegant fashion, I’d even dare say in a way perfume designers or cosmetics brands could see the ingredients of their products being showcased.