Still life photography: Plant Collection Series

1 July 2021

Plants are one of the few things I enjoy buying and collecting. Usually, I don’t particularly appreciate buying and owning stuff that isn’t useful for my work or everyday life. But plants are the exception to the rule. Over the years, I’ve come to grow a small collection of about 100 plants, mostly rare aroids. I don’t buy a rare plant just because it’s rare or currently high valued, but rather for its beauty.

Nature is a huge inspiration source of mine, and plants are a big part of it. The colors, the shape, the texture, the light reflective qualities, the patterns… it’s absolutely amazing… though highly addictive.

Collecting plants may seem weird, especially as the collection can die on you in a matter of days! When you first get a plant, it’s usually small and requires attention – not too much, though, just enough to strive. Seeing it grow over the weeks, months, and years is the best feeling ever. It’s so rewarding.

To complete my garden series, I decided to photograph my plants’ collections. These beauties deserve to have their portraits just like anyone else 🤩