Under Water Watch

25 April 2022

As part of my personal projects, I always strive to try new techniques and concepts. This time around, I wanted to try and capture a watch underwater but… and that’s a big but – without putting the watch in the water. As a product photographer, I’m often required to photograph a product in conceptual and creative ways without risking damaging the product at all. This was the idea here, giving the impression the watch was shot underwater without actually doing it.

To make it possible I started by capturing the water. To create the bubbles that would show when dropping something in water, I used various pieces of glass and plexiglass. The reason for using transparent materials was so the bubbles wouldn’t have any color casting or parts that would show too bright or too dark. I want perfectly clear bubbles with no particular refraction or reflection effect.

These images turned out really well and I could see myself using them as they are or with tighter crops as abstract images for wall print or other creative usages. Then came the time to capture the watch. I used similar lighting so it would be easy to composite everything together. A few tweaks on set and a bit of Photoshop later, here’s the final result with the Tommy Hilfiger watch: