Watch photography of Diesel Gold Watch

16 November 2021

Part of being a product photographer is to shoot personal projects to experiment with new things: subject, lighting, set design, software, camera, etc. Watch photography has always interested me, and while I’ve tried a few times just for lighting purposes, I never ended up retouching the files to publish the images. So a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to make it happen and have the final files to show what I’m capable of doing.

Not having access to the most prestigious luxury watch brands around – despite living in Switzerland –, I started with more common watches such as the Diesel on the images below. However, watch photography is a different world—a world of precision, a world of learning too. As watches require the utmost attention to details (dust, placement, lighting, post-production, etc.), you learn good practice for product photography in general and also can see if your skills are good or if you just get by with what you know.

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